The bathroom is  one of the most personalized rooms in your home and one of the most frequently used rooms. The bathroom experts at Prestige Remodeling work not only to create a new washroom that’s uniquely you, but to do it as quickly, neatly and efficiently as possible.

Bathroom design has come a long way, and Prestige knows how to incorporate the newest and best designs to make your bathroom the relaxing oasis you always wanted. Whether you desire a luxurious home spa or simply need to replace your aging fixtures, we combine rock-solid craftsmanship with top-level products to deliver exactly what you want at the best price you’ll find - and with minimal inconvenience to you and your family.

Imagine having an all-new bathroom, in one week or less, featuring:

  • Gutting of your old bathroom and complete debris removal
  • Predesigned or customized plans
  • The latest in top-of-the-line fixtures and faucets
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Elegant showers
  • Superior lighting
  • Attractive door and window trims
  • Tiled floors
  • New insulation
  • New sheetrock
  • Electric wiring to code
  • Ecologically sound “green” alternatives